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MDS 2013



Welcome to the Laboratory of Photochemistry and Spectroscopy, which is part of the Division of Molecular Imaging and Photonics of the Department of Chemistry of KU Leuven.

Our research group consists of staff members (Prof. Dr. N. Boens, Prof. Dr. S. De Feyter, Prof. Dr. J. Hofkens, Prof. Dr. M. Van der Auweraer, Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Uji-i, Prof. Dr. Em. L. Viaene, and Prof. Dr. Em. F. C. De Schryver), two technical/administrative staff and an international group of post-docs and doctoral students.


The lab has over the years established an ensemble of techniques with special emphasis on time and space resolved optical and non-optical microscopy and spectroscopy techniques. Research topics cover a broad range: from the fluorescence properties of multichromophoric systems to the in real-time visualization of the activity of single enzymes and catalysts.  From molecular pattern formation on surfaces to nanoscale reactivity. From the photoconductivity of polymers or nanoparticles with a potential for OLEDS and solar cells to the design and optical characterization of new fluorescent sensors.




*Steven De Feyter
Awarded an ERC Advanced Grant 2013 NANOGRAPH@SLI

*Inge De Cat
recipient of the Belgian Society of Microscopy thesis award 2013

*Wouter Sempels

Article in Nature Communications entitled:"Auto-production of biosurfactants reverses the coffee ring effect in a bacterial system"

*Maarten Roeffaers
Awarded an ERC Starting Grant 2012 "LIGHT"

*Johan Hofkens
Awarded an ERC Advanced Grant 2011 "FLUOROCODE"

*Hiroshi Uji-i
Awarded an ERC Starting Grant 2011 "PLASMHACAT"