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MDS 2008



The LPS (laboratory for Photochemistry & Spectroscopy) is part of the chemistry department of K.U.Leuven, and situated within the faculty of science.

Our research group consists of staff members (Prof. Dr. M. Van der Auweraer,, Prof. Dr. N. Boens,  Prof. Dr. L. Viaene, Prof. Dr. J. Hofkens, Prof. Dr. S. De Feyter and  Prof. Em. Dr. F. C. De Schryver), one technical/administrative staff and an international group of  post-docs and doctoral students.

LPS has over the years established an ensemble of techniques with special emphasis on picosecond fluorescence decay acquisition and analysis by self developed algorithms (global and compartimental analysis), photoconduction and diffuse reflectance. The group has set up tools to down scale in size and in time the object of the photochemical and photophysical study.