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De Feyter group

Nanochemistry on Surfaces & SPM



20170104: Find our most recent publications in ACS Nano (2D self-assembly under nanoconfinement conditions), Chemical Communications (chiral polymers on surfaces; concentric multicomponent 2D assembly), and Nanoscale (controlled doping of graphene), and several others...


Our team consists of about 25 enthusiastic researchers . We are very much interested in nanochemistry at surfaces, and in particular the self-assembly of molecules on surfaces and unravelling their secrets with the highest possible spatial resolution, using scanning probe microscopes such as (electrochemical) scanning tunnelling microscopy ((EC)-STM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM).


We study self-assembly phenomena at liquid-solid interfaces and under ambient conditions, and functionalization of surfaces at the nanoscale, going all the way from structure to function, with a focus on two-dimensional crystal engineering thermodynamics and kinetics of self-assembly at the liquid-solid interface chirality phenomena reactivity phenomena functionalisation at the nanoscale of surfaces such as graphite, graphene, and gold.


Another major research line is the study of interactions of DNA with small molecules (e.g. intercalators), or proteins. In particular, we use scanning probe microscopy techniques, sometimes in combination with optical nanoscopy techniques, to unravel their structural and functional importance in diseases such as HIV and cancer.


Feel free to get a flavour of our research activities by browsing the different topics or the publication list.  Interested in joining this international team? Don't hesitate to contact me.


From time to time, also specific Vacancies in the De Feyter group will be announced.



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